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    Extended Warranty

    I'm looking for information on how/where to get best price for JX extended warranty (genuine Infiniti extended warranty only, not a 3rd party warranty):
    1. Must you purchase the extended warranty from the dealer where you are buying the JX, or can you buy an extended warranty from any Infiniti dealer if their price is better? (Honda allows you to do this)
    2. If you can shop around for extended warranty, which Infiniti dealer is known for offering the lowest price?
    3. Does Infiniti offer just one extended warranty plan, or can you select different coverage levels, e.g. 50,000 miles versus 100,000 miles versus 200,000 miles?

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    I have seen in other infiniti forums that you can buy extended warranty from any authorized dealer and have your car serviced by any infiniti dealer.

    I have seen the following 2 dealers mentioned consistently in other infiniti forums. But neither of them list the JX yet.

    Circle Infiniti in NJ (http://elite.circleinfiniti.com/)
    Infiniti of Scottsdale in AZ (http://www.eliteprotectionplan.com)

    I would appreciate posts from somebody who has an experience with either of these dealers and can confirm/clarify the following

    * Can you buy from any infiniti dealer?
    * Can you service at any dealer?
    * How soon after the purchase (months/miles) do you need to buy the extended warranty?


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    raoden: thanks for reply. I had also came across Circle and Scottsdale on other forums, as well as Douglas Infiniti, and sent requests to all three. Clrcle and Douglas responded with their prices. But, no reply (yet) from Scottsdale.
    They confirmed you can buy from any Infiniti dealer and have service performed at any Infiniti dealer. Their prices assume car has less than 6k miles and 6 months from original date of purchase. They generally offer a variety of options ($0 or $50 or $100 deductable and mileage coverages from 82k to 120k).
    One piece of advice - make sure you are buying the genuine Infiniti Elite warranty and not a 3rd party.

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    Hi ZigZag,

    Can you post what prices you got?


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    Here is what I received via email from Circle Infinti: (about $500 cheaper per deductible compared to what I was offered from the dealer I bought from)

    Dear Brian --

    Thank you for your inquiry. And congratulations on your new JX. You are really going to enjoy your ride.

    Pricing for an extended warranty is as follows -- this is for a 7 year/100K Elite Extended Protection Plan from Infiniti. By extending your coverage to 100K miles, the plan is written either for 7 or 8 years.
    These plans, by the way, are transferable if you sell the car during the coverage.

    $0 deductible: $2308 $50 deductible: $2033 $100 deductible: $1812

    I would need a copy of your new car purchase and temporary registration. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have. My #s are 732-389-1200 ext. 109, or my cell 732-834-0732.

    Again, thank you for your inquiry.

    Sherry Horelick
    Product Mgr.
    Circle Infiniti
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    From what I know you should be able to buy the extended warranty at any infiniti dealership. Also with the 6k miles or 6 months rule.

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    I was thinking about getting the extended warranty, but after reading the terms I'm not so sure. The terms state specifically that reduced functionality from wear and tear is not covered.... So does that mean that if the CVT begins to crap out at 80,000 miles, it's not covered because it would be considered normal wear and tear? Also, received another quote from a dealer in Arizona:

    Thank you for your inquiry! Based off your current mileage these are your options for extending your factory coverage...

    NEW 2013 JX35 w/500 miles (price and term change once you exceed 6k miles or 6 months from original date of purchase).

    $0 Ded

    $50 Ded

    $100 Ded

    ***Additional Discount if paid in full...no sales tax!!! Internet pricing not available to FL residents***

    The deductible will not kick in until your original 48mo/60k warranty has expired and the deductible is per visit not per item repaired. Let me know if you are also interested in Infiniti's pre-paid routine maintenance program. Thanks again and have a great day.

    1-480-941-4481 (fax)

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    Its a little strange that they reduced the standard powertrain warranty for the JX.
    Let us know if you find out if they'll cover powertrain, jugdish.

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    according to Infiniti, the JX has the same powertrain warranty as all other Infiniti vehicles: 6 years or 70,000 miles.....

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    I understand that Infiniti Factory Officials and some Infiniti Dealers regularly track forums like this. If so, we would sure appreciate your interpretation of what specifically is meant by "reduced functionality from wear and tear is not covered" by the extended warranty. This is a major consideration in my decision to purchase the coverage.

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